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The clock is ticking as we announce our latest project

Located right across the sector road of fully occupied Sec. 9 & 10 and, the midst of rapidly growing residential sectors, the project offers an optimal mix of retail, office and leisure spaces designed to become the center of attraction for the nearby audiences.

It’s 2010 and India’s GDP is poised for 8% growth. While world markets still reel under the after effects of depression, the Indian economy has shown amazing resilience and is now on a rising curve.
There is good news if you are looking at exploiting exciting new opportunities in commercial real-estate space.
This is the time to invest in growth.
The surest, safest and most attractive proposition carefully designed to serve best to the end user, occupant and customer.

An organic layout of shops creates harmonized open spaces of varying proportions providing free circulation and pollution-free natural ventilation, while simultaneously according each shop an individual identity and emphasis. The shopping area evokes the experience of a pulsating open bazaar visible from multiple lines of sight across the whole corridor.

The design alludes to traditional architectural principles while creating a series of spaces that maximize on natural ventilation while creating distinct identities for each of its multifaceted spaces.

A linear office block along the south eastern side & another office block / hotel cum service apartment block on the south western side protect the low rise shopping plaza from direct sunlight thus creating a cool naturally ventilated series of shopping streets within the complex.
The offices / hotel / service apartment blocks overlook the shopping levels and the landscaped terraces above the shops with most of the offices / hotel / service apartment rooms deriving light from the northern side. This reduces the heat gain into each of these buildings making them too more energy efficient.

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